About Us
New Salem Baptist Church exists to:
Share the Gospel;
Adore the Lord;
Love one another;
Equip for service; and
Make disciples
We strive to become a:
Family-centered congregation: committed to strengthening the family.
Community-centered congregation: a vital Christian presence in the community.
Team-centered congregation: driven by people on a mission.
Training-centered congregation: raising up leaders for the church.
We hold these core values:
Jesus is central.
Help people find a place to belong.
Service is a way of life.
We are an ever-growing family of believers, determined to trust in God.  While our lives
are not easy, God’s Word gives us guidance and direction, and the presence of the Lord
gives us strength to lean upon during our daily lives- whatever our lives may hold.

We come from various social and economic backgrounds from all over the country, with
wide-ranging ages, but we are united as a church family by our belief in God’s Word and
a desire to do his will in our lives.  It’s easier to keep focused on God when we are
surrounded by others who share the same belief

To the men and women in the armed forces and their families. You have the continued love, support and
prayers of the New Salem church family.  

May God bless you all.